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Queenslanders Can Buy Locally Produced Beef With Cryptocurrency

In a global first, BeefLedger and Queensland’s Southern Cross Beef have joined forces to offer locally produced beef for sale using cryptocurrency, in a partnership designed to strengthen ties between modern technology, home grown value chains and verified local provenance.

Southern Cross Beef products have been listed on BeefLedger’s cryptocurrency Community Marketplace where residents of Brisbane and South East Queensland can buy products using BeefLedger’s BEEFtokens. By using blockchain, Southern Cross Beef and BeefLedger are able to secure and verify their product through a traceable system. The technology itself acts as an auditable ledger, where each point of the supply chain is verifiable.

Southern Cross Beef products are raised in regional Queensland on natural rangeland pastures and finished on grain. It’s tender, nutritious and above all, an outstanding eating experience. The partnership’s approach to smarter food is a step towards a new digital distribution of the food supply chain as it exists today. The integration of blockchain technology in the food industry requires the integration of intelligent control systems as well, and the ledger technology maintains and secures data on procurement, storage, tracking,reporting, and quality assurance.

A sample of cuts has been selected especially for the winter months. The range features rump cap and oyster blade, both great for slower styles of cooking, and striploin - a BBQ or skillet-fried favourite. The products will be available portioned in roughly 1kg lots, and have been wet aged for about 90 days for optimal quality before being portioned, frozen and packed in gift boxes.

Southern Cross Beef founder Sonya Comiskey said that the technology has been chosen to protect the integrity ofthe local provenance that sits at the heart of her brand.

“Now more than ever, it’s important that we’re tracing the origins of our food and making sure that the product we consume is sustainably produced in safe conditions with an emphasis on quality assurance and health. Our focus is on bringing the Southern Cross Beef product to Australian plates in a way that is clear, easily understood and completely trustworthy. It’s important to us that our consumers know they can count on our beef.” 

Consumers can log into the BeefLedger Community Marketplace and use BEEF tokens to make a purchase. BEEF tokens can be purchased from the BeefLedger Exchange.  Using BEEF tokens will deliver to consumers access to product at wholesale-to-the-community prices.

“We can do this because we have shortened the supply chain,” explains Warwick Powell, the founding chairman of BeefLedger.

Southern Cross Beef tracked the production of their first beef offering across January - April 2020 on the BeefLedger blockchain, credentialing their product traceability and transparency to consumers. Their second production run is scheduled for October, when further blockchain-based tracking will be undertaken following the cattle from paddock to plate.

About BeefLedger - BeefLedger is a blockchain-based supply chain tracking and payments platform development company. It has developed a blockchain that supports community involvement in the credentialing of food systems, with a core focus in domestic and international beef supply chains. It is a national leader in the field and is an industry partner in two Commonwealth Government-funded Industry-University Cooperative Research Centres - Food Agility and Future Food Systems.

About Southern Cross Beef - Southern Cross Beef is a locally produced line of branded beef created with a love and deep care for local provenance, straight from the heart of Queensland. They are one of the first domestic brands in Australia to use Blockchain technology in being truly transparent and authentic with our customers and consumers. They envision a future where every beef product has a digital history, allowing you to trace and verify its origins, attributes and impact.

About BEEF tokens - BEEF tokens are a cryptocurrency tracked on the Ethereum public blockchain. They have been minted to enable people to purchase real products safe in the knowledge that what they are paying for is the ‘genuine article’.


Media Inquiries: Warwick Powell, BeefLedger, or 0411 628 084 or Sonya Comiskey, Southern Cross Beef, or 0438 876 729.

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